The Agent of Marine Insurance and Transports, also called "Underwriter-Agent" or "Coverholder" is the authorized representative of one or several insurance Companies positioned in the market of Marine insurance and Transports. Operating in France, in the Overseas Departments and Territories also sometimes abroad, the Underwriter-Agent has at his disposal an important underwriting capacity. In addition, he is in possession of great powers so much for the pricing, the underwriting and the management of Hulls, Cargos and Liabilities insurance policies, in marine, land, river and air, as for the settlement of claims.

The underwriting agents constitute for the insurance Companies an efficient, flexible and highly competent network, all branches of insurance taken into account (Hulls, Cargos, Liabilities).

They are professional people of the marine insurance, endowed with important powers and who :

  • have a unique job, without equivalent in the other branches of insurance.
  • are independent Intermediaries, spread throughout France.
  • deal exclusively with guarantees in relation to the marine insurance and transport.
  • work with the whole specialists and non-specialists Providers (Brokers and Agents).
  • hold mandates of French and foreign Companies.
  • can mobilize large capacities as well as the best securities of market, in terms of "hulls", "cargos" and "liabilities".
  • act as representatives of Companies with powers of underwriting, management and settlement in the 3 fields defined hereinabove.
  • offer a local community-based service to Providers.
  • intervene on the markets of optional reinsurance for the placement of certain risks.