The "uses of Brokerage" constitute a known reference but do not have direct application because they concern only the "land insurance".

They are nevertheless included for information (appendix 1 : national uses / appendix 2 : Lyon uses).

More specifically, the Organizations of insurance Companies and Agents of marine insurance and transport, in liaison with the Brokers, have concluded with the passing of time different conventions, which were grouped together in December 1993 into a document entitled "Rules of market and rules of ethics for the French market of marine insurance and transports".

This document is regularly quoted in the most recent reports concerning the intermediation.
The 2 most important ones are :

  • the recording of uses of brokerage for marine insurance and transport of 14/12/82 ; the Agents of marine insurance and transport are of course required to comply with such uses on behalf of their Principals (letter of 04/10/82) ;
  • the rules of ethics of 20/04/83 ; although concerning mainly the relations between the underwriting Agents and their Companies principals, they are opposable to Brokers as uses and certain aspects of the text concern them anyway directly.